Friday, September 26, 2008

Fine Cooking Reviews Fissler Pressure Cooker

Today at the store the checker asked me if I'd like a copy of Fine Cooking magazine that was going to be discarded. I said, "Sure", figuring that there would be something interesting in it. And there was.

They have a review of the Fissler 4.2 quart 10-inch wide pressure cooker. They loved it. Cost: $265 but it comes with a glass lid and a steamer basket. That's a hefty price tag. For about half that amount you can buy a Fagor Duo Combi set that has 2 cookers and 1 lid, plus a glass lid and a basket.

I cannot comment on the Fissler cooker but hope to get my hands on one sometime soon. It'll have to be a loaner for me to give it a test drive, as I am not likely to spend that kind of money for a pressure cooker since I have a bunch of them already.

To watch me use the pressure cooker you can go to my website at or look for me on You Tube.

They are safe and make "the new fast food".


AJ151 said...

Fissler’s pressure cookers are worth every single dollar. Especially if you have experience with different pressure cookers, once you have used a Fissler pressure cooker you will most likely not touch anything else in the future.

As with all cookware, the base is one of the most important parts having a rather big impact on your final cooking results. The base is one of the major advantages of the Fissler cookware including their pressure cookers. Fissler’s internationally patented “CookStar all-stove base” is comprised of high-quality stainless steel and an extra-thick 6mm aluminum core to ensure even heat distribution and superior heat storage. The layers of the base are heated and bonded by an impact of over 1,500 tons, creating one single piece without any holes as opposed to three separate layers that are glued or welded together.CookStar bases are also slightly concave to ensure that the base is perfectly flat when heated and feature expansion joints that allow the aluminum to expand without ever affecting the stainless steel. Fissler offers an unlimited guarantee that each CookStar base will stay perfectly flat and even on any kind of stove forever.

My advise is to go to and get your hand on ANY Fissler product and compare it to whatever it is you might currently use. Whether it is a pressure cooker, a frying pan, a stew pot or anything else. Simply compare it to what you believe is currently your best cookware piece in the kitchen. I have a very strong feeling that after you used Fissler cookware you most likely don’t want to use anything else anymore.


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