Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fagor Duo Pressure Cooker Giveaway and The Veggie Queen Guest Blog Post

The Meal Makeover Moms are now pressure cooker converts. They are giving away a pressure cooker to one of the people who comments on their blog. Read the post by clicking here.

I hope that you win the pressure cooker. If you don't, maybe you aren't aware that I sell pressure cookers on my website, along with my pressure cooking DVD which is what I think helped "The Moms" get over their pressure cooker fear.

Pressure cooking is easy and with a new pressure cooker it's pretty foolproof. Let me know what you think by posting a comment here.

Next month I think that I might be giving away a pressure cooker set. Still thinking about it. Any thoughts? Any questions? Do I hear shrill screams? I hope not. I mean it when I say that pressure cooking can change your life.

I know that investing in a pressure cooker can seem like a big deal. I think that you can save enough to pay for it in just months. Heck, if it saves you from eating out just once a week, it would be even faster. I call it the easiest, fastest and greenest way to make the "new fast food".


JoAnn said...

I bought a Duo Pressure Cooker Combi Set at Bed bath and beyond and the pressure cooker lid was faulty. Didn't hold pressure, unless I held the knob.
I'm going to buy the 4-quart size from you...I'm hoping it is a better quality.


The Veggie Queen said...


Sorry that it didn't work out. I think that like with many other products, sometimes things just don't work. If you have any problems with the cooker that you get from me be sure to let me know and I will make sure that the problem is resolved.

I have had my 4 quart cooker for many years and finally needed to replace the gasket but other than tightening the handle, I haven't had other issues.

Let me know what you think.

Janice said...

Jill, I cannot stop making risotto and your lentil soup in the pressure cooker! Thanks for turning me on to this time-saving tool!

The Veggie Queen said...


That is the kind of comment that I love to hear. I hope that you will branch out and use it for many more delicious dishes.

Maybe many of your moms will appreciate the concept, too.


Bailey's Leaf said...

Thank you for your invitation to come visit your blog! I am excited about the new pressure cooker! I'm excited that they seem a bit safer now than they used to be. (Do you know how many people told me horror stories of pressure cooker lids gone flying after hearing I won one?)

I definitely plan on reading the information included in your site. We've been eating "greener" (the color, literally, though certainly would like it to be more environmentally). I've got a post coming up on Feb 11 on heirloom seeds, seed starting and organic gardening on a small city lot. Swing back by if you'd like!

Thanks again!

Bren Herrera said...

so can u believe i made lentils for the first time in the pressure cooker last week! as you know, i swear the by the cooker for just about everything i cook; but i have hard time deviating from the main 3 beans. it was sooo pleased in how they turned out that i invited some friends over for dinner and lunch the next day! as much as i give away, shoot, i wouldn't mind winning Another cooker for myself!

The Veggie Queen said...


So curious about your main 3 beans? Pinto, black, garbanzo? Or others?

Great to hear that you've branched out to lentils. Now we'll have to get you cooking all kinds of lentils, too.

Sign up on the Meal Makeover Moms site. Someone has to win.

Thanks for the comment.

Martha said...

OK Jill, my wife & I love beets. I use the pressure cooker and cook them whole for about 30 minutes, natural cool down and then peel and slice before putting vinegar on them. Today I tried your recipe for ORANGE SCENTED BEETS. I was sceptical about 3 minutes cooking but I followed your recipe. They came out great and a delicious alternative to our usual recipe. You are a great resource.
Stanley of Kinderhook Lake

The Veggie Queen said...

Thanks for letting me know that your beets were delicious and that you appreciate what I do.

I appreciate your sharing.


Othmar said...

The Meal Makeover Moms are now pressure cooker converts. They are giving away a pressure cooker to one of the people who comments on ...