Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pressure Cooking is So Scary

Well, I would agree that using an old-fashioned pressure cooker like your mother or grandmother owned, was scary. And the stories of beef stew or split pea soup on the ceiling and walls are true.
But the new spring-valve, shiny stainless steel pressure cookers aren't like the old ones. They are quiet, don't hiss or pop, and they have so many safety features that they just can't blow up. I do believe that some of my junior college cooking students have tried to make it happen but without success.
The one drawback to them is that they are so quiet that it's possible to walk away from your cooker and forget that it was ever on the stove. In that case, you'll likely have a very burnt-bottomed pot that requires a lot of work to get it clean. But it will come clean.
And so will I -- I am a pressure cooking teacher. I sing the praises of pressure cooking whenever and wherever I can. That's why I am here.
I also have a pressure cooking website that you can check out.
I am going to post more about pressure cooking here, along with some recipes. I hope that you'll decide to join me on this green journey.

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