Friday, May 30, 2008

When I Say PC, I Mean Pressure Cooker

For some, PC means politcally correct, but not for me. My PC is pressure cooker. And I am not speaking about the type that comes with the political environment.

I mean that one that you actually use for cooking. For cooking that's fast, easy, tasty, economical, energy saving and more nutritious.

I recently joined a Yahoo pressure cooking group when the moderator contacted me about my DVD. Ray is going to have a contest and wants to offer my DVD, Pressure Cooking: A Fresh Look, as a prize.

From what I can tell of the group, they need more instruction on cooking vegetables, beans and grains. Many of the recipes that i have seen so far are very meat-oriented. Or maybe I am just not meat-oriented and notice it more.

Honestly, to be perfectly PC (and this time it does mean politically correct), everyone ought to be cutting back on meat as a way to correct the imbalance in our environment. So, maybe it's time to go PC.

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