Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Veggie Queen at Sol Fest in Hopland in August

I had been waiting to hear about my cooking demonstration at Sol Fest in Hopland, CA in August. I just found out that I will be presenting Green Cooking in the Pressure Cooker: The New Fast Food on Sunday, August 17th at 11 a.m.

As far as I understand it, this is one of the greenest festivals around - more so than even the Green Festivals. I have never wanted to attend as a speaker before but this year feels like the right time to get people excited about pressure cooking.

I will do a short demo, using local produce, that will likely amaze people in the audience, as usual. I hope that some of you will be there.

Hopland is about an hour and a half north of San Francisco. There will be other amazing speakers there that usually include Amy Goodman, Paul Stamets (right up there on my list of personal faves) and more.

And while I am there, I believe that I can pump some biodiesel for my car. So, mark your calendar and I'll see you there.


Bianca said...

You definitely amazed me at your demo in Memphis. I've never been able to duplicate the awesome texture of the carrots in your pressure cooker veggie fact, I've mostly given up on my pressure cooker. I use the pot (sans lid) to boil pitchers of green tea in...I know, it's kinda sad. I just didn't get the right kind, and it doesn't do what I want it too....

On another note, I love the fake cheese. You asked on my blog, and though I'm not fond of some brands (coughGalaxyFoodscough), I LOVE Teese! It melts well on vegan pizza and it tastes similar to mozzarella, I think. Then again, it's been years since I've had real cheese so I don't really think I'm an accurate judge. :-)

Good luck with your Sol Fest demo!

The Veggie Queen said...


I hope that one day you get the right pressure cooker because you will likely love it.

You can always use your cooker to make incredible vegetable broth and then you'll have another use for it, other than green tea.

Thanks for the info on Teese. I haven't seen it here but I'll keep looking. I did buy some Soy Feta by Sunergia and to me it tastes like real feta, and is wonderful in Greek salads. But it will only be an occasional treat as I so prefer sticking to whole, real and identifiable food.

Be well.