Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Veggie Queen Cooks Under Pressure on the East Coast

Last week I taught pressure cooking at Vegetarian Summerfest in Johnstown, PA and also at Warren Kitchen and Cutlery in Rhinebeck, New York. Both classes were well received.

I made some amazing Moroccan Chickpeas in Rhinebeck with could become a staple dish for me, along with the quinoa pilaf that I have demonstrated probably 100 times (and this not likely an exaggeration). I also made a 2-minute Vegetable Melange which included fennel which is not usually part of my repertoire (except for occasionally in my roasted vegetables). It turned out perfectly, as I predicted.

I tell everyone to be sure that they use the minimum amount of liquid that the manufacturer recommends, unless they experiment and find out that they can use less which is often the case with the new, spring-valve pressure cookers. I use just enough to bring the cooker up to pressure.

Now, a good number more vegetarians and vegans attending Vegetarian Summerfest are getting on the PC bandwagon, and some of the staff at Warren Kitchen and Cutlery know more about the benefits of pressure cooking. Thanks to those who participated, and may you spread the PC word.


Kitty said...

It's so great that you have a blog on pressure cookers. Hooray!

Mark and I want to eat less meat, though we are avid meat eaters. A couple friends have European backgrounds and pressure cookers are much more commonly used there. The Indian recipes we found today used a pressure cooker too, which was nice.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I look forward to reading more about this non-explosive, time-saving device!

The Veggie Queen said...

Pressure cookers are used throughout the world but not as often here in the US. They cook non-meat foods so well, that it makes it easier and more convenient to eat less, or no, meat.