Saturday, November 22, 2008

People No Longer Feel Under Pressure with a Pressure Cooker

The past 2 Saturday mornings at the farmer's market have been pure joy for me. Right at the beginning of shopping, I have connected with people regarding pressure cookers. I had not even started shopping last week when K., a student from my class 2 days earlier, saw me. She told me that she'd used her pressure cooker to make soup and it was fabulous.

Just a few minutes later while I was buying Satsuma mandarin tangerines, another woman who I don't know by name but have seen at the market often, told me that she bought a Fagor set on sale at Macy's and just loves it. Wow, and it only gets better.

The same thing pretty much happened today. Now maybe this has something to do with my being on KRCB (public) radio's show Mouthful last Sunday but other people told me that their fear of the pressure cooker has subsided.

K. said that she'd used her cooker quite a number of times since last week, and that she is no longer afraid. Yippeee.

Mari told me that I haven't seen her on Saturday mornings because she's now doing yoga at that time (I guess that she had today off.). She credits the yoga and using her pressure cooker as methods for relieving the stress in her life, and making life bearable. (I hope that it's more than that.) Mari did ask about cooking broccoli and how long it takes. Just a minute with a quick release, I told her.

But Amy, who sent me an email message yesterday, said that her husband loves her 2-minute pressure cooked broccoli and he hadn't been a big broccoli fan. He likes it because it doesn't taste sulfury. Amy told me that she is making lots of other food in her cooker, too. Healthier eating, the quick and easy way, I say, and Amy agrees.

And after I left the market today I drove to another store. As I was walking to the entrance, a woman stopped me and said that she'd taken a pressure cooking class with me at Santa Rosa Junior College. I think that was more than 10 years ago, and was a one time class. But she told me that she'd heard me on the radio, and gone out and bought a pressure cooker. She's using it and loving it because it saves her so much time and energy.

And if I can help anyone relieve the pressure in their life and eat healthier, I am just thrilled. Today, I am beaming. I hope that you'll think about using a pressure cooker -- no pressure, no fear.


Lindell said...

Please give an update regarding your Fissler. I would love to hear how it is working out for you. It is one of the cookers I have under consideration to purchase.

Jill, I discovered your blog a few weeks ago. It is a great resource. Thank you for the education about pressure cooking.

The Veggie Queen said...

I don't have any further Fissler update. I have been too busy writing to get it out and use it again. But it's on my list for February. And I will post about it then. Not sure what I'm going to make it in but have a week or so to think about it.
If there's anything that you'd lke me to try, just let me know.